Csc Collective Agreement

The CSC (Civil Service Commission) Collective Agreement is an agreement between the Canadian government and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), which represents more than 170,000 public service workers across the country. The CSC agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for these workers, including salaries, benefits, hours of work, and other important employment-related policies.

The CSC Collective Agreement is negotiated every few years, with the most recent iteration being signed in 2018. This agreement covers a wide range of public service workers, including administrative support staff, program and service delivery employees, and technical and professional employees.

One of the key elements of the CSC Collective Agreement is its focus on fair and equitable treatment of all employees. The agreement includes provisions for equal pay for work of equal value, as well as guidelines for addressing workplace harassment and discrimination. This is particularly important in the public service, where a diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary for effective policy-making and service delivery.

Another important aspect of the CSC Collective Agreement is its emphasis on work-life balance. The agreement includes provisions for flexible work arrangements, such as compressed workweeks and telework, to help employees balance their work and personal responsibilities. The agreement also provides for paid leave for personal and family-related circumstances, such as sick leave, maternity and parental leave, and compassionate care leave.

In addition to these benefits, the CSC Collective Agreement also provides for competitive salaries and benefits packages for public service workers. These salaries and benefits are designed to attract and retain talented and experienced employees, ensuring that the Canadian public service can continue to deliver high-quality programs and services to Canadians.

Overall, the CSC Collective Agreement is an important document for public service employees and the Canadian public as a whole. By ensuring fair and equitable treatment of employees, promoting work-life balance, and providing competitive salaries and benefits, the agreement helps to ensure that the Canadian public service is able to attract and retain top talent while delivering effective and efficient services to Canadians.


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