Fahan School (General Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2021

The Fahan School General Staff Enterprise Agreement for 2021 is an important document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for non-teaching staff at the prestigious all-girls school in Hobart, Tasmania.

The Enterprise Agreement was negotiated between Fahan School and the Australian Education Union (AEU) Tasmania, with the goal of promoting fair and equitable working conditions for staff members. The Agreement covers a range of areas, including salary, leave entitlements, and workplace policies and procedures.

Under the terms of the Agreement, general staff members at Fahan School will receive a pay increase of 2 percent, with additional increases for those who have been employed for a certain length of time. The Agreement also outlines provisions for parental leave, personal leave, and special leave, as well as the process for applying for these types of leave.

In addition to outlining staff entitlements, the Agreement also sets out expectations around workplace conduct and behaviour. This includes a commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment, as well as clear guidelines around the use of social media and other communication platforms.

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